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Leder Landscape is here to assist its residential customers with weed control while promising zero problems. Our customers have bestowed on our many accolades for our commendable lawn care and landscaping services. Our professionals have been fully trained to remove weeds from your land.

Our Organic Chemical Removal Services Keep You Stress-Free

In order to ensure zero chemicals at your land, we have designed three kinds of programs for our customers:

1. Organic Property Care Package

2. Hybrid Property Care Package

3. Traditional Property Care Package

Weed killing chemicals can turn out to be a concern for people. Thus, we show up with Organic services only. Rest assured that your lawn will not have to face any traditional chemicals. The products we use are completely safe, be it for the environment, people, or even your pets and we do everything without any compromise on results. The Hybrid program offered by us may use some chemicals, but we ensure 100% safety despite their use.

Weed Removal with Excellence

We only make use of properly-tested products and techniques, which help you to get rid of weeds. Additionally, we also have best solutions for controlling pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds.

Below are some of the common kinds of weeds found in lawns:

Grassy Weeds - Blanket crabgrass, Annual ryegrass, Creeping bentgrass

Broadleaf Weeds - Alsike clover, Annual sowthistle, Alligator weed, Asiatic hawksbeard

Leder's experts have the complete know-how of all kinds of weeds. Thus, they will never disappoint you when it comes to protecting your lawn from weeds.