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Top-notch Residential Lawn Care

Your lawn is an extension of your home, and it is, therefore, important to keep it prim and proper in order to maintain the aesthetics of your personal living space. While setting up a beautifully landscaped lawn with a vibrant green cover is the first step in that direction, the upkeep, and maintenance of this space is equally important too. The team of experts at Leder Landscape is committed to providing extensive lawn care and landscaping services to keep your yard well-maintained and healthy.

We Have Our Ears to the Ground

We at Leder Landscape pride ourselves in adopting a proactive approach addressing maintenance concerns in the nascent stages. By nipping the trouble in the bud, we save our clients their hard earned money and the hassle of dealing with simple problems taking a form of a catastrophe.

Through simple yet necessary measures, we ensure that your lawn can thrive without burning a hole in your pocket. We not only carry out scheduled maintenance visits for your residential lawns but also offer eco-friendly solutions in order to maintain your lawn with a reduced carbon footprint. Our experts also help you make some sound investments that can help in protecting your landscape in the future.

Our residential landscaping and lawn care services are focused on:


Top dressing


We provide round-the-year care to your lawn, altering our maintenance program according to the changing weather conditions. We also understand that each lawn has its own unique requirements, and therefore, we believe in working in close co-ordination with our clients to offer tailor-made maintenance solutions. The highlights of residential lawn care services are:

Competitive pricing

Comprehensive and vigilant maintenance regimen

Experienced and courteous team of experts

Innovative landscaping and maintenance ideas

24/7 accessibility