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Guaranteeing Health and Strength for Your Trees

Trees add an element of richness to any lawn and landscape. However, if not taken care of well, they can wither away and also pose to be a danger to your property. While chopping down a tree takes only a few hours, growing a new one entails a substantial investment of money and time. Leder Landscape's Residential tree work services have been carefully designed to maintain the vitality and health of trees on your property.

Extensive Tree Work Program

Our Residential tree work teams comprise highly skilled professionals, who have the requisite experience and training to handle the tree care services of varying nature. We pride ourselves in maintaining highest standards of work ethic, using the most technology advanced equipment and best practices to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Residential tree work services include:

Formative Pruning

Crown lifting, cleaning, reshaping and reduction





Tree surveys

Weed treatments

Insect, mite and disease control

Tree health assessment

Maintaining trunk health

Tree preservation

Tree risk assessment

Tree hazard reduction

Insect, mite and disease control


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We understand that different clients have different needs, and we are equipped to handle them all. We have all the necessary permits to work with your trees, and work in tandem with the local authorities to make the process seamless and hassle-free. To know more about our Residential tree work or to book our services, contact us here.