Residential Spring Clean-Up

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After a harsh winter, your lawn needs extra care and maintenance to bounce back to life and be ready for the season of bloom ahead. At Leder Landscape, we know that timely and right clean-up services are essential for freeing your personal lawn from the effects of a long winter and spells of snow. We also understand that as much as you may love your lawn, you may not have the time or the right equipment, know-how and resources to carry out the much-needed spring clean-up on your own. Assign this job to our team of experts and rest assured that your lawn will be season-ready in no time.

Leder Landscape's Specialized Services

We offer all-inclusive clean-up services to our clients. Our team of experts goes beyond the obvious tasks of clearing up clutter, branches and fallen leaves from previous fall, mowing the grass and planting fresh flowering plants to offer you holistic clean-up solutions. Our spring clean-up services include:

Redoing the flower and vegetable beds

Pruning and maintenance of shrubs and trees

Fertilizing and aerating the grass


Filing up bird baths

Landscaping repair

Reseeding and fresh plantation

Pest control

Sweeping the porches and other open spaces

When it comes to spring cleaning, timing is key. You must prepare your lawn well in time to allow it to bloom during the spring season. Therefore, we recommend you call us well in advance to book our spring clean-up services before we are booked to capacity for the season.