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Pruning is an essential element of lawn care and maintenance process that has numerous benefits for your tree and plant cover. Pruning can be carried out in four different ways, depending on the nature and size of the trees:

Fine pruning for improving the trees' appearance

Standard pruning for enhancing the trees' branch structure

Hazard trimming for removing hazardous portions from big trees

Crown reduction for removing major branches in case of damage due to a storm, dieback or interference with power lines.

Pruning does a lot more than improving the aesthetics of plants and trees. Some of its numerous benefits include:

Increasing the longevity of the trees

Nipping weak crotches in the bud

Improving air circulation and exposure to sunlight

Improving growth

Giving trees a sound structure to thrive on

Protecting your property from damage in case of a natural calamity.

Expert Pruning Services by Leder Landscape

As a property owner, it is often hard to tell whether or not your trees require pruning services. Given the numerous benefits of regular pruning and the hazards of ignoring it, such matters are best left to the experts. You can count on us to provide you customized pruning solutions right from the first visit. Our team of experts will visit your property to assess the nature of plants and devise a pruning schedule accordingly. Thereafter, the pruning and maintenance of plants, shrubs, and trees on your personal lawn is ours to worry about.