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Most Convenient Lawn Care Techniques for Your Home Lawn

Partnering with Leder Landscape, you get to choose from a wide range of lawn care and landscape maintenance services such as fertilization, mulching, mowing, etc. Experts at Leder ensure that your lawn is maintained through all seasons using the required resources in the most optimal manner. Our job remains to provide you a healthy, green and pest-free lawn.

Below explained are our 3 different types of lawn care plans:

Organic Lawn Care Program:

Organic itself promises you safety. This program involves a use of safe and organic products, while not using a single traditional chemical treatment. Our personnel uses animal, natural plant, and mineral resources under this program. Thus, they offer you a safe and clean environment with long-term results.

Hybrid Landscape Care Plan:

Hybrid means a mixture of two things. Here, it is the blend of organic and traditional chemical treatments. It still ensures the safety of people and the environment, and thereafter, the planet on the whole.

Traditional Chemical Care Plan:

Less safe as compared to the aforementioned two programs, the traditional chemical care plan offered by us is the most affordable one. The plan immediately shows its results due to traditional chemical use. But, these results do not last for a long time.

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