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In Need of Residential Fertilization Services?

Even you will not grow without proper nutrition. Similarly, your lawn also needs nutrition - in the form of fertilizers. Fertilization makes your lawn healthy and helps it remain new like ever. Your garden remains green and alive year round.

We work in close collaboration with our clients and customize our services of fertilization as per their demand. We aim at providing them 100% satisfaction. At Leder, our professionals make sure that only high-quality fertilizers are used to ensure turf enhancement. You can get into the details of our services with just a call.

What does Fertilization Do?

With fertilization, you can keep your land healthy and free of any weeds.

Our wide range of lawn care and maintenance services includes fertilization as an inevitable factor. And this includes:

Flower Bed Maintenance -

We don't just look at the edges, but equally take care of planting flowering. Besides, we fertilize the lawn and do mulching. Also, we have with us the required weed control solutions. Our focus is one thing - offering you an amazing garden bed through all seasons.

Ground Care -

We ensure that your garden is green and lush throughout the year.

Weed Control -

Fertilization goes along with weed control. If not, it remains incomplete. Thus, we ensure that no unwanted plants are grown in your lawn by keeping your grass healthy at all times. We feed the weed seeds which must get water and sunlight i.e. the grass.

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