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Chivalry Speaks through the Work of Leder's Professionals

What's the function of a lawn? Above anything, it adds to your overall home appearance. An outdoor space is an additional space that takes your home beauty to the next level. More than anyone, you better understand the needs of your lawn. So, you can make the most of your knowledge by keeping our professionals well informed, and they will customize your residential landscaping services as per your specific demands.

What Makes Leder Landscape a Unique Choice?

You may find excellent landscaping and lawn care services and designs with numerous service providers. But, our ability to fully customize our services for homeowners makes us totally unique. Besides, our professionals are gentle and amiable and offer the services with complete professionalism. They arrive at your place in clean vans in time.

Unrivaled Integration of Hardscaping into Landscaping

Though landscaping in itself is a complete process with soft scaping such as planting trees, we also incorporate hardscape features into it if you permit us for the same. This includes introducing structures and stonework and many other such things that could enhance your lawn's appearance. We also ensure proper drainage in your garden.

Here are some of the add-ons we offer you for a better and more beautiful landscape:


Plant beds


Flower gardens

Fruit trees

Outdoor lighting

Aquatic features (ponds or fountains)

Retaining walls