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Offering Homeowners Healthy and Rosy Lawns for Years

Professionals with Leder Landscape are aware how garden beds and flowers can help keep your lawn new and healthy. Thus, they provide you proper, regular care with our lawn care and flower bed maintenance services and solutions.

Careless to witness the following results:

Weed growth

Wilted plants

Sloppy and mushy edges

Compacted soil

As a homeowner, you may find it really difficult to take out time for your lawn care. But, it doesn't take too long to call a professional service provider and ensure the health of your garden throughout the year. After all, everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful garden once back from work. Leder Landscape holds expertise in providing you this much-needed service. We offer various garden bed maintenance services such as:

Soil cultivation

Flower bed care

Weed and pest control


Ensuring clear edges

Thus, we fully well address the common issues of a lawn.

Receiving Admiration by Our Valued Customers across the Nation

Understanding the requirements and demands of our residential customers across the United States, we offer the best landscaping services, customizing them accordingly. Be it the scorching summer heat, or the chilling cold of winters, the fall cool, spring season, we have a suitable solution for all seasons.

Professionalism is the first thing we promise to our clients. Our professionals are well-uniformed and are dedicated to delivering timely bed maintenance services.

We provide our services in three different categories to meet different needs of different customers:

Organic Care:

The safest program including organic product use and not traditional chemicals.

Hybrid Care:

A mix of organic and traditional treatments. It is safe for kids, pets and the environment.

Traditional Maintenance:

The cheapest and fastest result-driven program, though a bit risky for the environment due to chemical use.

Integrity is what has kept us going for so long while helping us in winning the trust of our residential customers. Call us now for our amazing garden and flower bed maintenance services. services.