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Generally trouble starts with the thatch layer of a lawn grows to 0.5 inch or more and your lawn's root zone deprives of water, nutrients and oxygen.

Which turns out to be a perfect breeding ground for fungus diseases which can wipe out a large area of your lawn in no time. These repairs can cost you thousands of dollars.

lawn technician use most competitive techniques of Lawn Aeration. Lawn Core Aerator pulls small plugs out of the soil.The removal of these plugs, breaks the thatch layer and allows the soil better access to air, water and nutrients.

How to Aerate Your Yard

One of the lawn aeration myth is that while aerating your lawn with applying a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn in spring times will destroy the herbicide "barrier". Contrary to it research shows that lawn aeration does not affect weed prevention or crabgrass so it is a false myth.

It is important to keep on carrying out basic lawn care services such as proper mowing, fertilizing and watering after performing lawn aeration.

One of the essential aspect in achieving a beautiful lawn is lawn aeration practices. Make it an essential part of your lawn care services. Letting your lawn breath again will give your lawn whole a new life and gives your landscape an esthetic look.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

Generally the growing season is the time during which you can perform lawn aeration.

During this period the grass can heal and fill in open areas after removal of soil plugs.

Generally, aerate the lawn with warm grass in the late spring and with cool grass in the early spring or in fall.


Lawn Aeration Tools: Plug Aerator

Plug aerators removes a core or plug of soil and grass from the lawn. To get best results, we use a lawn aeration machine which smoothly removes plugs of soil.

Will power raking get rid of thatch?

Power raking does now help in reducing thatch as power raking only scratches the surface. As the tines would rip out your lawn before it ever getting to the root zone so it really is a rake powered by a motor.

If your home is in a newer subdivision that only put a skim coat of soil down before they sodded or seeded. Lawn aeration is exactly what your lawn needs to thrive.


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