Mt Prospect

Landscaping Service at
Mt Prospect, IL

Leder Landscape (aka 'Lederleitner') has been proficiently catering to all landscaping needs of various commercial and residential clients in Mt Prospect since its very inception in 1977.

With over 35 years of experience we have been ensuring the best results for our client's landscaping requirements in landscaping services such as:

At Mt Prospect, we, leader landscape, offers professional landscaping solutions to your project. We get involved in your project from the very stages of planning, design to construction and ongoing maintenance in Mt Prospect. We will be there with you in every step of the way:

Advising on how to get to best out of the space available,

suitable plants to complement your theme,

Adding unique features and bringing all together quickly and with the minimum of a disturbance at your place in Mt Prospect, or in a nearby area of Mt Prospect, IL.

We look forward to serving you with finest landscaping services in Mt Prospect, or in nearby Mt Prospect area. If you require any assistance please call us on 847-870-0287.

Cohesive solutions for enhancing your outdoor space at Mt Prospect (or in nearby area of Mt Prospect)

A beautiful landscape can work wonders for uplifting the look of your property. Add the right kind of hardscaping to the mix, and you can enhance this visual appeal manifold. Leder Landscape's team of trained experts offers the right blend of landscaping and hardscape designs to bring to you an outdoor setting that is refreshing, vibrant and most importantly, in sync with your personal sense aesthetics. Best of Both Worlds

At Leder Landscape, we believe that creating a stunning outdoor takes a lot more than trimmed grass and well-pruned plants. To lend your outdoors a unified appeal, we work with a blend of landscaping elements such as flower beds, garden beds, shrubs, trees and plants, and hardscape elements such as retaining walls, stone patios, staircases, stepping stones, pavers, and turfs.

Leder Landscape's landscape and hardscape services at Mt Prospect are focused on:

Creating a welcoming space for visitors, guests, and clients

Adding an element of attraction to functional spaces such as driveways

Adorning entrancesHeights, IL.

Creating a soothing space with fountains and waterfalls

Patios that accentuate your commercial space

Retaining walls that are both functional and attractive

Walkways to enhance the overall look and appeal of the outdoor space

Attention grabbing terraces did up with plants and structural designs

Outdoor lighting to further accent the visual appeal of the space

Leder Landscape's teams of experts are trained and equipped to work with spaces of varying sizes, nature, and dimensions, as well as according to the specific preferences of different clients in Mt Prospect, or in a nearby area of Mt Prospect. If you are looking for a cohesive solution to enhance the overall appeal of your outdoor space in Mt Prospect, we've got to be your go-to choice. To book our landscape and hardscape services in Mt Prospect, or in nearby Mt Prospect, contact us on 847-870-0287