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Leaders in Care and Maintenance Services for Commercial Turfs

Maintaining commercial turfs entails vigilant care services. Attention to detail and consistency remains are the two key factors that can make a world of a difference to the quality of your turf. It is safe to say it is an intricate business that is best left to the experts. For instance, something as simple as cutting height can make a big difference in turf strength and water usage for its maintenance. At Leder Landscape, we work to minimize patchy and dry spots and weed growth in your lawns to provide you with a beautiful green turf that can enhance the appeal of you building a manifold.

Our Commercial Turf Maintenance Services Comprise:

Our Services

Turf removal

Irrigation audits

Resource and water management

These services ensure that your turf remains lush green and healthy for a longer span of time. Leder Landscape's turf maintenance schedules mean no more dealing with unsightly or unhealthy grass. Our turf maintenance services are a mix of top dressing, dethatching and aeration.

In addition to these key practices that help in improving soil quality to allow your turf to thrive, our turf maintenance packages also include:

Our Services

Adopting best horticulture practices to mow and maintain the turfs according to the local climate

Using varied mowing patterns to rule out cutting

Timely fertilization

Devising a watering schedule in keeping the rainfall received in the area

Reseeding and top dressing lawns as per requirement or the customers' specifications

Using string trimmers to maintain the turf around vertical extrusions, so that it matches the mowed turf height

If your commercial turf seems unruly or deteriorated, our experts can work with you to restore its health. Contact Leder Landscape for a customized turf maintenance plan.