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Expert Turf Maintenance Services for Diverse Businesses

We take the onus of maintaining and caring for your grounds which are essentially important for a promising business exterior. Additionally, our professionals take care of your grounds when it comes to their regular care. Therefore, your business looks immaculate.

We cater to our customers across the whole nation, thereby having access to numerous resources. All our customers are offered a diverse range of services which helps them fulfill their requirements completely. What sets us apart is our innovative approach towards the provision of our services. Leder Landscape offers its patrons suggestions for better maintaining their turf and protecting their investment.

How We Ensure Proper Health of Your Turf and Landscape?

Keeping an eye on a commercial turf is inevitable. Our experts do not let your soil go stressed and keep it airy and strong.

Here's what comes packed with our commercial turf maintenance services:

Bed Care

Our professionals hold specialization in mulching, pest and weed control, fertilization, edging and shrub pruning.

Managing Irrigation

We conduct various inspection practices such as water use audit, routine inspection, system winterization and upgrading, and problem diagnosis.


The web of stems and roots that grow while accompanying each other is called thatch. Gradually, the grass gets restricted by the thatch when it comes to absorbing water and air. To break this thatch, we have particular equipment which helps your grounds become healthy again.

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