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Give Your Lawn a New Lease of Live with Our Professional Services

The spring season is notoriously unpredictable. One day your lawn is crusty with snow and before you know it, the rising temperatures can bring out new leaves and flowers. This is also the time to think of some spring cleaning to free your lawn from the harsh effects of winter. At Leder Landscape, we are committed to providing our clients with professional spring clean-up services that facilitate a full spring bloom.

Who Needs Spring Clean-Up?

During the harsh winter months, lawns gather a lot of leaves, sticks, and debris, besides developing a considerable amount of mulch beds. So, anyone with a lawn - be it on a personal or commercial property - can use a thorough clean-up to prepare the lawn and landscape for a nice bloom.

How Can We Help?

The basic aim of a spring clean-up is to get rid of natural and artificial waste from your lawn and other landscaping in order to prepare the plant beds and grass for the growing season. Of course, that remains the focus of our Spring Clean-up services too. Years of experience and expertise has also helped us understand that the right kind of clean-up regimen can do a lot more than that. To offer our customers with that added advantage,

Our Spring Clean-Up Services Include:

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Prepping flower beds

Pest and weed control

Customized plant care

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The timing of your spring clean-up can make a big difference to the health of your lawn and landscaping during summer time. Have our experts look at your property well in time, so that your lawn can receive customized clean-up services. Book a spring clean-up with Leder Landscape here.