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Snow and ice come calling often without any warning or preparation time. And that is enough to send your business to a grinding halt. Therefore, timely and proficient snow and ice management are essential during the winter months.

Some of the key benefits of hiring expert services for snow and ice management include:


Slips, falls and injuries due to slippery icy surfaces is a big risk during winter months, and you don't want your employees or customers falling prey to these hazards. Regular management helps in preventing accumulation of snow and ice in driveways, parking lots, and side sidewalks.


You can eliminate the risk of being holed up inside your office or business premises because of blockages caused by sudden snowfall or hailstorm by relying on efficient snow and ice management services.


Weather conditions are hard to predict, and hiring the services of an expert snow and ice management agency ensures that your business operations keep running even in an event of unexpected inclement weather.

Why Rely on Leder Landscape?

No matter what the size of your workforce, snow and ice management is just not a do-it-yourself kind of job. To begin with, you may lack the necessary equipment to remove and dispose of big loads of snow and ice. And even if you do invest in some equipment, you and your staff will lack the expertise to use it. Improper usage can not only compromise the efficiency of operations but also increases the risk of slips and falls in the process of clearing out the area. At Leder Landscape, we have the best-in-class equipment and expert handlers to take care of your snow and management needs.

We understand that snow and ice management requires urgent attention. To make our services proactive, we have put in place an elaborate system that includes:

Property assessment to understand the kind of equipment and workforce requirement for snow and ice clearing

Expert calibration for monitoring the precise asphalt temperatures and dew points to rule out over-salting

Constant weather tracking and data upgrade to make sure our equipment is ready should our customers require it