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Expert Solutions for Enhancing Your Property's Appeal

Seasonal and annual flowering plants are a great addition to your lawn for bringing that vibrant hint of colors. If done right, seasonal color can accentuate the visual appeal of your lawn many folds. However, on the flip side, nothing dampens the appeal of a lawn more than poorly maintained the color area. The key here is to choose your annual flowering plants carefully, plant them in a limited area and leave their care and maintenance to the experts. Leder Landscape's seasonal color services are designed to offer you all of that. Focus of Our Seasonal Color Services

We truly believe that every lawn must look its best all year-round. And adding seasonal color to the landscape of a lawn is one surefire way of ensuring that. That is why we offer

Extensive Seasonal Color Services That Include:

Our Services

Plantation, care, and replacement of annual flowering plants

Rotation of colors as per seasons

Early spring color through fall bulb plantations

Mixed border color addition to your lawn

Themed or container color areas for your lawn

Perennial designing

How We Work

The focus of seasonal color services extends beyond the purview of lawns. We also help our customers enhance the curb appeal of their buildings adding a splash of seasonal colors on entry points, along the driveways and other focal areas of your property. Whether we are working on your lawn or areas surrounding it, we adopt an extensive process to make sure that pop of color shines through. Our process involves:

Prepping the designated area for plantation

Choosing the right kind of plants that fit your budget

Maintaining the space with timely fertilization, trimming, deadheading, and replacing and moving plants, as per requirement

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There is never a wrong time to start adding color to your lawn and landscape. To make a query or book our services, contact us here.