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Enhancing Tree and Shrub Lifespan with Professional Pruning Services

No commercial landscaping service is complete without a comprehensive pruning plan. It is vital for not only enhancing the visual appeal of the trees, plants and shrubs on your property but also restoring their health and increasing their lifespan. This helps in promoting the growth of new branches and leaves. Besides, regular pruning also minimizes the risk of damage to your property due to trees falling down during storms and heavy rains. Leder Landscape's professional pruning services are just what you need to give your trees the care and maintenance they need.

Our Commercial Pruning Services Include:

Our Services

Developing a customized tree maintenance plan for your property

Carrying out both structural and hazardous pruning of trees

Growth managements for different trees, plants and shrubs on your property

Plant consultation disease and insect management, timely fertilization and soil health management

Removal of potentially dangerous plants

Let Our Experts Help You

We specialize is complete and comprehensive pruning services for your trees. With Leder Landscape's tree trimming and pruning services, you'd be signing up for a lot more than a careful selection of branches and leaves that need to be chopped out. Our highly trained and experienced crew also helps you with stump removals, stump grinding, wood grinding, and recycling. Our commercial tree maintenance plan is meant to ensure that your trees look great throughout the year.

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If you want nothing but the best care for your trees, look no further. We are proud to use some of the best tree maintenance and pruning techniques and equipment to suit your individual needs. To book a pruning session, contact us today.