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Pressure Washing Service for Businesses in the United States

A spotless edifice is what every business demands of and Leder Landscape assures you to give an impeccable look to the facade of your building. First impressions count the most in any business and thus we try to become your helping hand by offering you our power washing services. Our team promises to beautify your building premises and keep them kept and appealing.

What is Power Washing?

Power Washing or Pressure Washing refers to the process of removing the settled layers of dust, cobwebs, and algae from the building with a high-pressure sprayer. As time passes buildings lose their shine and become grubby due to all the natural and man-made forces acting upon them. Besides, with a dilapidating charm of the building, your business also takes over a dull and dismal garb. All these conditions could easily be handled with power washing.

Our Services are Open for:

Our Services

Retail stores

Office buildings

Gas stations

Malls / shopping centers



Parking garages

Amusement parks


Our highly efficient and trained team members accomplish this Herculean task of prettifying your landscape year round with ease and give you a satisfactory experience. We believe in time abidance and maintain a professional demeanor. If our services interest you then contact us without any delay.

We are ready to give your commercial property an enchanting look with our state-of-the- art technology and prompt services.