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Let Your Lawns Bloom All Year Round

It is one thing to set up a lawn, and a whole different ball game to keep it prim and proper. A neglected lawn with dry patches and weed growth is not what you want your visitors and potential customers to lay their eyes on when they visit your property. Our efficient maintenance services are here to offer vigilant care to your lawn.

What Leder Landscape Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services Offer:


We have an assortment of some of the finest mowers to offer exceptional results in just one session. No matter what the size of your commercial lawn, we are equipped to cater to your mowing needs.

Weed Control

Weeds and unwanted plantation growth are a perennial problem in maintaining a good green cover. We use high-quality soil sterilants to minimize the incidence of wild growths and also carry out weed control to preserve the aesthetics of your lawn.


Mulching is an important part of lawn care, as it prevents soil erosion, improves the quality of soil and limits weed growth. We'll mulch your lawns at the right time to make sure it thrives.

Trimming and Pruning

We don't just work on the grass cover and landscaping beds. Trimming and pruning of trees, hedge maintenance, brush hogging and cleaning the lots, we do it all for you.

Ice Melt and Snow Removal

Nothing destroys your greens like a cover of frost. Even as the winter sets in, our ice melt and snow removal services ensure that your lawns do not suffer the wrath of the climate..