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Avail the Best of Commercial Lawn Care & Bed Maintenance Services

At Leder Landscape, we offer our lawn care and landscaping services in three different programs:

Fine pruning for Organic Lawn Care Program

Standard pruning for Hybrid Program

Hazard trimming for Conventional Landscaping Program

Though the cost may be a little higher, our organic lawn care program is completely worth it. This program is 100% safe and ensures zero harm to the environment since it doesn't use any regular fertilizers, which are toxic to biological diversity. We use 100% organic fertilizers that contain natural materials such as animal, plant, and mineral sources, and significantly promote soil health.

Benefits of our organic fertilizers:

Ensure safety to people as well as pets

Abundant in soil nutrition


Negligible soil erosion

No, or little need of mowing

Improved drainage

Increases soil micro-organisms

Increased resistance to pest and illness

Encourage natural defense systems

Hybrid Bed Maintenance Program

If you opt for our Hybrid bed maintenance program, you get the advantage of both organic fertilizers and traditional chemicals, in the form of safety and pest control, respectively.

Here's how our Hybrid lawn care program holds numerous benefits for you:

Removes drought stress

Builds natural defense systems of soil

Safe for people, environment, and pets

Ensures nutrition for long

Encourages soil micro-organisms (lesser in number as compared to those with organic program, due to use of chemicals here)

Significantly cuts the need for mowing

Removes weeds with chemicals

Conventional Landscaping Program

With Leder's Conventional landscaping program, our commercial clients can save dramatically on money and witness fast results. Nevertheless, they may take some risks too.

What comes with our conventional program for lawn care is listed below:

Cost-effective in comparison to the other two programs

Quick to show results

Less safe for everyone, including pets, people, and the environment

Least growth of soil micro-organisms

Calls for moderation due to soil damage likely to result from build-up