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We Offer the Best Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

The landscape might be the most underrated element of your business' outlook. Most people tend to overlook that landscape can add immensely to the aesthetics and grandeur of the building. It tells your clients what you stand for and what you could possibly provide for them in the future.

At Leder Landscape, with just a pinch of our magic, your customers will be knocking down your door before you know it. Since 1977, we have played a pivotal role in transforming the landscape in the Chicago area and giving it a facelift. Our passion for plants and holistic approach to landscaping is what keeps us going. This uplifts our well-experienced team which creates a balanced and beautiful environment in the private, public and commercial sphere of Chicago.

What Makes Our Designs Different?


With the world changing at an alarming pace, we often tend to forget our roots and use materials that easily contaminate the soil and kill the veetation. Our team ensures that our practices involve sustainability and care towards the environment.

Water Conservation

Most incorrect landscape practices involve a lot of wastage of water and this leads to financial strain on the customer. Our technology involves using below-the-soil irrigation to prevent evaporation and transpiration during the day. This saves at least 50% of the water and has been tested as an avant-garde method of saving water. Native Plant Growth - While using exotic plants is considered luxurious and exclusive, it causes harm to the environment because it requires different scales of water and care, compared to local plants. In order to protect our topsoil, we only use native plants that don't require much irrigation.

Variation in Design

When it comes to design, we let you take the lead. You can choose from our varied range of hardscape and softscape elements, including patios, pavers, lighting, shrubbery, and signages, and customize your landscape according to your personalized brand.