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Come fall, and your lawn wears a rather desolate look with all the fallen leaves and plants that seem to be withering away. While there isn't much you can do about keeping your trees and plants blooming through this season, you can definitely take steps to rid your lawn of that shabby look. Leder Landscape's expert fall clean-up services are here for you, irrespective of whether you are seeking clean-up for your personal lawn or a commercial property.

Do You Need Professional Clean-Up Assistance?

Unless, you want to spend a better part of October doubled up over your lawn, clearing out fallen leaves and twigs, yes, you would need professional assistance for fall clean-up. Dried leaves and twigs left on your lawn do not act as manure. On the contrary, leaving them unattended throughout winter can compromise the quality of the soil. And of course, the risk of slips and falls over wet leaves tucked under snow.

How Leder Landscape Helps?

Over the years, we have evolved a comprehensive fall clean-up system that is divided into two phases. First, our team of experts will schedule the first clean-up visit to your lawn sometime in October, as per your preference and our availability. We rake up all the fallen leaves, pack them in yard waste bags and arrange for have them disposed of. We then visit you again in November to get rid of any leftovers or waste that may have accumulated between the two visits.

In addition to this, our fall clean-up services also include:

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Pruning of shrubs and perennials

Removing annual flowers

Mowing to maintain your lawn growth at the correct height

Prepping plants and shrubs for winter

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Our expert fall clean-up services ensure your lawn is prepared to endure the harsh winter and minimize the effort required to prep it for the ensuing spring. Give us a call today to schedule fall clean-up consultation.