Landscaping that Adds to Your Home Value

24-Aug-2016 Landscaping that Adds to Your Home Value

Homeowners often keep trying to somehow keep adding to the value of their home. It actually seems essentially important when one decides to sell their home. But, most of the homeowners also often end up thinking about only the interiors. Is renovation from inside all you need for your home to increase? Well! It’s a mistake. To increase your home value, you need, to begin with the outside i.e. the lawn. We at Leder Landscape hold expertise in landscaping and lawn care, and therefore, guarantee you that beautiful landscaping alone can play a vital role in positively affecting your home worth.

Let Your Potential Buyers See the Worth of Your Home

Of course, the first impact on your prospective buyers will only be created by your lawn. And they will first perceive the value of your house looking at this lawn. If they smile, you win. To ensure your triumph in terms of attracting them to your house, go for professional landscaping services. John Harris, a landscape economist, suggests that landscaping alone can add to your home value by around 28%.

And you should not just choose professional services just to make buyers want to buy it, you have another amazing reason. It gives you a feel-good feeling, while you automatically make a great investment.

What Trends to Follow?

If you are thinking of giving a second thought to the idea of hiring a professional for landscaping, let us explain why it is necessary. It can be really challenging for you to choose from a wide range of landscaping designs. However, a professional’s expertise and experience help you select the best one to complement your house. They keep you updated with new trends, of which some are listed below:

Consider Mulch/Gravel

Dirt doesn’t provide a good look to your garden for sure. Try accompanying it with gravel or mulch, which magnifies the garden’s appearance. These things even help in evading weeds and in saving water by decelerating evaporation.

Trim the Shrubs and Trees

If the trees or shrubs grow more than needed, they look odd. Also, the whole charm of your home may get drained. Make sure you get the shrubs and trees trimmed every year.

Add Zing to Your Porch

The porch is also an imperative part of your home exterior. Make it magnificent with different container plants, keeping in mind the level of sunlight they need.

Colors, because Life is not Black & White

Your idea of leaving the lawn with a few trees and a bush is not enough. Think beyond and add colors to the ground. Try planting Salvia bushes in summer and enjoy the purple flowers, and go for the burning bush dubbed euonymus alatus during fall. The red verdure will simply make your day every day.

Water Feature is an Add-on

Who doesn't love the sight of a fountain? It is a major attraction of many lush parks, and now, let it be your home garden’s too. Introduce a water feature to your lawn, and maintain it through all seasons.

Save Your Efforts with Perennials and Annuals

Now that you have worked too much on landscaping, would you like to repeat it all? Definitely, not. Better if you choose to plant perennials to save on this effort of yours, since these have a tendency to regrow by themselves. Also, you can go for some annuals to make your ground look new every year.

Keep Diversity in Height and Texture

Rather than keeping a flat flower bed, opt for small as well as tall bushes. Variation in height and texture will certainly make your garden more appealing.

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