Best and Unmatched 10 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

06-Sep-2016 Best and Unmatched 10 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Grass mowing or lawn mowing is a simple and upfront task. However, it is possible that you are accidentally making the process complex. Therefore, Leder Landscape has some tips that work the best and make the procedure simpler than ever.

1. Sharp Blades

It might seem that this task will only mean investing more time on mowing. Nevertheless, the actual purpose of this task is to help you avoid making numerous passes. If you choose to spend your time this way during the beginning of summer, you will see how it makes lawn mowing easier for you throughout.

2. Fill the Tank before You Go to Mow

We know it just frustrates you when the fuel suddenly empties. And we do not even suggest refueling a hot lawn mower. Imagine yourself. Is there anything better than filling the tank till the top before beginning with mowing at all?

3. Clear out any Remains

Your sharpened mower can get dull due to any rocks or sticks in the lawn. Before you start with mowing, make sure to clean up any debris.

4. Set a Time

Either, you should mow the lawn in the morning or during the evening. Since these are cool times, and help retain moisture in roots. Even out of the two, you should choose to do the mowing task in the evening. For one, the heat exhaustion risk gets eliminated. Apart from this, the grass gets almost 12 dark hours to heal before the sun rises.

5. Ensure Good Length of Grass

Generally, people believe that the grass should be cut long so that they get a long time before they mow the grass again. But, our expert professionals will suggest you to not cut more than 33% of a blade at once since the grass may get damaged. Not very surprisingly, longer blades help in providing shade to the ground too, thereby slowing evaporation and evading weed growth.

6. Ensure Longer Grass under Shade

Various nutrients and water keep the grass healthy by keeping it longer. Thus, it is important for grass in a shade to match tree roots.

7. Change Your Schedule

A fixed schedule to mow the grass may harm it. Thus, it is better if you do not cut it during hot weather.

8. Change the Pattern

Just like the schedule, the pattern of cutting must also be changed. So, make sure to mow the lawn along different routes. This will help prevent rust and encourage the upward growth of grass.

9. Leave Grass Clippings in Different Mowed Areas

It might seem dirty and chaotic, but it is more of an organic fertilizing method — leaving grass clippings on different areas which have already been mowed.

10. Be Alert on Hill

On a hilly or steep ground, don’t mow in the up/down direction. It may cause an injury. Instead, go for side to side mowing, which will provide ease in mowing.

Leder Landscape has experts in the field of lawn mowing. You can feel free to contact us for our consultation services or mowing tips or for our exceptional lawn mowing services. We help you keep your grass clean, green, and growing.