7 Best Landscaping Tips for This Fall Season!

15-Nov-2016 7 Best Landscaping Tips for This Fall Season!

The fall season has already knocked, when the morning air goes all cool and gruff and causes the leaves to gently fall on to the ground. Though, you may be in love with this season, forget not to maintain your landscape. This article guides you on how to maintain your lawn this fall, while you get to fully enjoy doing these important tasks.

Most of us often forget to look after our lawns and landscapes during the fall season. However, it is essentially important to do so, beyond what you think. It is not just about wiping out the leaves, but much more that is needed to keep the lawn healthy for the coming spring. Below are some amazing tips to help you maintain and keep your yard in good health.

1. Get Rid of the Leaves

Of course, removal of leaves from the lawn is important, but it is not the only thing to do. Fallen leaves may harm the grass which is why you must remove them to see better lawn health till next summer. Keeping the lawn clean this way also helps in protecting water quality. Winters make dead grass plants, leaves, and other such remains to produce soluble forms of phosphate and nitrates due to freezing and melting. In case such chemicals reach the ground at times of early spring rains and spring snow melt, these may reach the surface water too. Thus, it is important to remove leaves.

2. Mow Your Lawn

Keep on cutting your lawn until you are convinced that it has stopped growing. In case it keeps on growing through the year, keep it three inches in length or less. This is essential in order for the sun to reach it. Also, long grass can cause winter lawn disease issues like snow mold

3. Remove Weeds

Make sure you pull the weeds so these are found in reduced number the next season.

4. Seed and Fertilize the Lawn

Between the summers and the winters, it is crucial to properly care for your lawn. For the same, you need to seed the bare spots of your lawn or you may choose to overseed the lawn completely, which results in dense and rich grass. Also, make sure to fertilize your landscape so as to save it from experiencing any harm due to cold winds.

5. Water Trees and Shrubs

Consider deeply watering the trees and leaves once the leaves descent. Thereafter, turn off the outside water.

6. Plant Different Plants

Plant such plants that add to your lawn throughout the year. Such plants may include Pagoda dogwood, Ninebarks, Hydrangeas, Viburnums, and Fothergilla. This saves your time as well as money.

7. Pay Attention to Hardscaping

While you do all the aforementioned, don't forget to leave some space for hardscaping too, be it rock formation, fountain, paver, or stone retainer walls. All these are excellent choices for beautiful hardscaping. Balancing soft-scaping and hard-scaping is a skill. You need to pick something that not only beautifies your landscape, but also make it more functional and safe. For example, a water foundation can make it more beautiful, while keeping the outside noise at a bay.

Once you decide to maintain your lawn, the next step is to hire a professional landscaping company that has years of experience in this industry to make your lawn look outstanding. Partnering with Leder Landscape, which has highly skilled and well-trained lawn maintenance professionals, you get to witness such a lawn. Learn more about them here: www.LederLandscape.com