6 Cool Tips for Maintaining Landscape During Winter Days

12-Nov-2016 6 Cool Tips for Maintaining Landscape During Winter Days

Unless you are lucky enough to be spending your winter in a sunny southern locale, you know what it feels like to battle months and months of gloomy weather, consistent snow and biting cold. All this, when you have the comfort of a home, woolen clothes, winter gear, and central heating systems to protect you. Now, imagine how hard these months could be your lawn and landscaping, if not taken care of well. Here are a few lawn maintenance tips that will help your greens survive the onslaught of this harsh weather:

1. Maintaining the Grass Cover

Maintaining a green cover on your lawn during the winter months can be a bit of a challenge. You can improve the chances of the grass cover of your lawn surviving the winter months by replacing the existing grass with cool-season grasses. Alternatively, you could even build some raised beds in the lawn to plant cool weather vegetables such as kale and lettuce that not only keep your lawn looking lush green through the winter but also make for a springtime bounty.

2. Mow Less, Mulch More

A very important variation in the winter landscape maintenance routine is to focus on mowing the area less frequently, and even when you do, avoid cutting the grass too short. Maintaining the length of the grass stems helps it in storing nutrients that help it survive the harsh weather conditions. It is also wise to invest (rent or buy) in a mower that also doubles as a mulcher, allowing you to leave the grass clippings wherever they fall to create an additional protective layer for the plants.

3. Make the Most of Warm Winter Days

If you are lucky to have some warm or sunny winter days during the fall or winter season, use them to prepare the landscape for the upcoming spring season. You can achieve this by using this warm window to sow fresh seeds followed by one deep watering session. This will help in giving your lawn a head start for sprouting beautiful greens in the spring.

4. Snow Management

One of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance during winter months is efficient snow management. Using professional snow removal services from your landscape is highly recommended to maintain the health of your grass cover and plants during winter. You can also consider DIY snow removal techniques, but in that case, avoid using salt for melting the snow and ice deposits as the chemicals in it can inflict serious damage to the plant and grass cover.

5. Nitrogen Fertilizers

If the green cover on your landscape has survived the fall and early winter months, it is a good idea to use a light dose of nitrogen fertilizer on the area to maintain it during the thick of winter. Ideally, this should be done before the first snowfall of the season. The hot summer months can take away much of the nutrients from the soil. Replenishing the soil cover at the right time will allow the soil to absorb all the nutrients offered by the fertilizer enough to feed the roots of your plants and grass throughout the winter months.

6. Keep Lawn Traffic Low

Once the grass in your landscape begins to wither away or take on a brown hue, the low-traffic rule is easily overlooked. Of course, brown and stubby grass can appear to withstand the beating rendered by frequent walking. However, at this stage, the green cover lacks the resilience to recover from the damage caused by foot traffic, making it more difficult for your greens to bounce back to life once the weather turns over a new leaf.

In addition to these little precautions and winter-care steps at your end, you must also rely on services of landscape experts to assist you in maintaining the health of your landscape during those taxing winter months. If you are in or around Chicago, you can reach out to Leder Landscape for exhaustive winter care services for residential landscape and commercial landscapes.